Rumford Hospital Provides Televisions, Plus Education Channels About Patient Health and Newborn Care

Rumford Hospital offers patients and visitors televisions – but with an added bonus. We have one channel dedicated to educating parents about the care of their newborns, and another channel with general health education for patients and visitors.

What might you learn from our special programs?

The newborn channel helps parents understand what life will be like when they bring their baby home. We’ll let you know what to expect – and what to do when you have questions or concerns.

The health channel covers many common health issues. For new patients, we have information about Advanced Directives and Smoking Cessation. Other health topics featured: High blood pressure, heart issues, cholesterol management and diabetes, to name a few common health challenges.

If you are a visitor or a patient at the hospital, ask staff about accessing the programs from the Web, on your laptop.

We want you to be informed!